Become a Volunteer - for parents & carers

You can help make a difference even if you have just an hour a term. There are plenty of small projects and tasks that could really make a difference.

Each class needs a Rep or two who is the regular link between the parents and the SPSA. Please contact us if you would like to be the class Rep, join the SPSA committee or just be ‘kept in the loop’ in case you can help from time to time. 


How can I help?

  • It’s sociable - a great way to make friends and build networks right across the school. There's a great sense of teamwork at SPSA events, and we support each other.

  • Children love to see their parents taking an interest – school is a huge part of our children’s' lives and they like to feel that we are part of it. Research clearly shows that children do better at school when their parents/carers take an active interest in their school environment.

  • Become part of a strong community - the success of any school depends on a partnership between the staff and governors, the children, and the parents. The SPSA enables parents to get involved and strengthens this partnership, creating a school community of which everyone feels part and wants to see succeed.

  • A huge sense of pride and satisfaction when you see your children and their friends enjoying things that were made possible by the fundraising work in which you played a part. Outstanding schools typically have excellent PTAs so we can all play a part.



What do I get?

Volunteer and Donations

We rely on volunteers to assist with all SPSA initiatives. So please if you would like to volunteer and contribute with some of your free time contact to

Also if you feel you could help with a donation, you can either make it via paypal or by contacting us at 

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